viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

English in my bag.

Durante este curso los alumnos de 3º ESO  tienen la posibilidad de llevarse a casa material en inglés. Revistas de actualidad, libros de curiosidades, cds o vídeos culturales son parte del contenido de una maleta que se ofrece a los alumnos 1 vez al mes.
Este material en préstamo puede ser usado   como ellos consideren. Lo único obligatorio es leer, ver o escuchar alguna parte del material que han elegido y comentar después en inglés lo que les ha parecido.
El propósito de la actividad es que los alumnos entren en contacto con el idioma de una forma más real y que así abandonen el libro de texto para enfrentarse ellos solos a un material atractivo y ameno.

A continuación algunos de los comentarios de los alumnos:

"I really like the magazine  ( I Love English World). Most words have been strange ,but I've understood it very well. It's an interesting magazine for those people who wanna improve their English so I recommend it"   Elena Marcos  3º ESO B

This magazine (I love English) is very entertaining. It has got articles about films, sports,culture,experiments and also comics and jokes. All of them about New York. I like this magazine a lot" Lourdes Cruz 3º ESO B

"I like this magazine (I love English 286) because the article about basketball is very interesting. I like ii because I didn't know anything about Tony Parker and thanks to it I know him better" Abel Rodríguez 3º ESO A

I really liked the book. (The story of Astronomy and Space). It tells very curious things. The most beautiful section is that of the planets and the least one that about satellites. In my opinion the vocabulary is difficult"  Blanca Liberal 3º ESO B

"I have read about Kate Middelton. The article talks about the relationship she has with her children, the important work she does in charity causes .The text tells that she is an intelligent woman and she has got a degree. It points out her smart style.I like this article because I've learnt more about Kate's life."   Mara Salgado 3º ESO A

"My favourite article speaks about New York, a city that I have always wanted to visit. I have known the most beautiful places and things that all tourists should see and the things they should do there."
Oriana Bacouros  3º ESO A

"I like the magazine because it has a very interesting article about basketball. I didn't know anything about Tony Parker and thanks to it I know him better now"   Abel Rodríguez 3º ESO A

I like this DVD  (Spotlight 3) because I have learnt many things and I have practised the listening which from my point of view is difficult to improve"  Sandra Alonso 3º ESO B

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